After having reset my Blog (the old posts were not really useful), I decided to start from scratch. What better day to chose to do that than today - the first day of 2017. Happy New Year!

With a New Year Resolution in hand, I have decided to start blogging once more. This should be less cumbersome now that Ghost has its own app for Ubuntu.

One of the actions that I took this time is to setup HTTPS for my blog. Though not really necessary since my blog is not really popular and I appear to be the only one reading it for now, I still decided to go through with it after coming across LetsEncrypt.

LetsEncrypt provides free SSL certificates for your domain. It's easy to setup and took me less than 10 minutes. I did however run into some minor issues w.r.t my nginx configuration.

I have setup nginx as a proxy to by Ghost server and when I generated the certificates using LetsEncrypt, the certificates were with extension .pem. The official Ghost documentation however pointed out .key and .pem files instead. I am not much familiar with SSL overall and thus I googled about it. Came across this wonderful DigitalOcean article about securing nginx with LetsEncrypt and managed to updated my nginx configuration to get my website up and running.

Here's to more blogging - Cheers!