Mithun Kamath

Welcome! This is your (Co)Pilot speaking

Hello. My name is Mithun Kamath. I am a CoPilot @ Topcoder - a crowdsourcing company. Note that I am not employed by Topcoder. I am part of Topcoder's community.

I have 10+ years of experience working on Full Stack web development. While Javascript is my forte, due to the nature of my work with Topcoder, I have taken up projects on Python and Golang as well, in addition to working on (Apache) Solr and Kafka, AWS and Azure.

I typically manage the end to end workflow of a Project - from concept to realization by coordinating with various stakeholders, running contest for the Topcoder community and working closely with some of the best developers around the globe. The nature of my role with Topcoder has enabled me to work with Fortune 500 Companies and Government Organizations and NGOs alike across the globe from the comfort of my home.

Besides managing tasks, I also code => I spend 60% of my time managing projects and 40% of my time writing code.

Previously I worked @ SAP as a Consultant Developer fresh out of University for 3 years after which I left my job to take up Freelancing.